Atlanta’s Best Carpet Sales & Installation Company

What We Offer:

Carpet Installed From $1/ Sq. Ft
Lifetime Warranty On Installation
Free In Home Estimates
Tremendous Customer Service & Professionalism
Discount Prices 60-70% Lower than Lowe’s, Home Depot or Empire
Variety of High Quality Cost Effective Carpet Options

What our customers are saying:

” I got 4 other estimates for carpet replacement and Thank God I got 1 more estimate. They did my whole house for $1400. The house is 4 bedrooms and has over 2000 square feet. Home Depot wanted to charge me over 4 grand.”

” These guys have done about 6 houses for me around Atlanta and I thought I would give them a good rating on here. There prices are real low and the carpet is suprisingly good for the price. Installers have all been quick too no job has been more than one day.”

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