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What do I get for $1 a square foot?
For $1 a square foot we provide a basic builders grade carpet & installation.
What is builders grade carpet?
Builder’s grade carpet is the standard carpet found in most new construction.
How can we sell for so much lower than the competition?
We work hard to keep overhead as low as possible to pass the savings on to the customer. We constantly work on ways to lower our prices to add even more value to our product and service
Where does our carpet come from?
We have a wholesale contract with a major carpet distributor in Dalton, GA , the carpet capital of the world.
What are square yards and why is carpet measured in square yards and not square feet?
A standard carpet roll is 12 feet wide, which means that when measuring your home for carpet you must take into account the roll size in determining how much carpet you need. Carpet is also a directional material so all the carpet must be laid with the same orientation. Because of this we measure homes in linear feet or in other words how long of a carpet roll to buy. Since some carpet rolls are 15 feet wide the amount of carpet needed to carpet your home can vary with the size of the carpet roll used. Since most consumers are familiar with square footage measurements the carpet industry uses the standard of square yards instead of linear feet. Square yards can easily be converted to square feet. 1 Sq. Yard = 9 Square feet.